Freedom for Palestine: #GazaNames Project

"Not In Our Name"

Last weekend, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children around the world marched to express their disgust at Israel’s air and ground assault on the Gaza Strip, and among them were swathes of Jews and Israelis. This is one of the few situations in which it makes a difference to stand up and say: not in our name. Not now, not ever again. Being Jewish, or having Jewish roots, doesn’t make you responsible for what is happening in Gaza, but it does mean that your dissent carries that much more weight. Not more weight than the grieving relatives of the families butchered in Shejaiya, but the kind of weight that hangs heavy on the heart, and that comes with the small but palpable risk of upsetting your family.”

Laurie Penny


Violent soho !

Not sure who this band was but I bet they were fucking awesome.


Violent soho !

Not sure who this band was but I bet they were fucking awesome.

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I seriously considered just not coming back from America when shit went down earlier this week with my stupid fucking building manager.  But my boss intervened and, miraculously, the problems which the stupid fucking building manger said could not be helped were literally fixed overnight (a repairman came by, basically).

But ya know what?  Fuck you, boss.  I’ve worked for you for four and a half years.  I have never missed a day of work.  I have even covered for your classes when you take your many trips to our sister colleges in China and Japan and Philippines.  The popularity of our adult English program  (i.e., for profit) is at an all-time high.  And for years I’ve made it clear that this living arrangement has problems, and you’ve done nothing but make empty promises that led to temporary fixes, not permanent solutions.

It was only by doing the very confrontational, non-Korean thing of making a threat that probably would destroy, or at the least seriously set back, this school’s entire English program that you lifted a fucking finger, that you took my side for once.

So I am coming back, but this is the last semester here (contractually and otherwise)..  Either I just move to another university or I go home and get back to my life in America, most likely in DC but maybe Seattle..  I’m genuinely excited for either prospect.

I mean, five years at one school seems like a pretty good milestone to move on anyhow.  But goddamnit I’ll miss not needing a car more than anything else.

You Tumblr Buddies Seem To Have Good Taste so…

Read any good books lately?

I’m going home for a month, half the time to my dad’s house in the meth-addled wilds of Bellingham, Washington, where I’ll have no internet.

I average about five novels every time I visit him.

Recs for recent fiction or history books?

Watched Jodorowski’s Dune documentary last night.  Highly recommended.

And A Follow-Up Rant

In six years I’ve had very few issues with living in South Korea.  The issues I have had have all involved basic necessities.  Before moving to Daegu I lived in Apgujeong.  Middle of fucking winter.  Freezing, icy cold.

I told my boss from back then that one of my pipes had frozen.  In Korea, obviously this means no water, but it also means no heat if you’re using an ondol/below the floor heating system.

The next day she sent one of the school’s bus drivers — not an actual plumber — to my apartment.  She told me the problem was fixed.

So I came home that night and — shocker — not water, no heat.

I looked at the pipe and saw that bus driver ajoshi had wrapped a single plastic 7/11 bag around the frozen pipe.

Long story short, I went three days without heat or a shower in the middle of December.

And here’s the thing — as a Westerner in Korea, or much of Asia for that matter, you’re often told to avoid direct confrontation.

But with everything I’m going through now, and with the frozen pipe in Seoul, the only means of rectifying important issues is,IMO, to raise your voice and be as confrontational as possible.  That will get a Korean person’s attention.

Coming into work three days in a row shivering and smelling bad due to being water-less?  Not so much!  Politely asking building manager ajoshi to please stop turning off my heat/AC/hot water?  Absolutely nothing gained.

Threatening to quit (to my first boss)?  Excellent progress!

Calling building manager ajoshi a goddamn liar, in Korean, to his face?

Let’s just say my AC is working quite well today and I just worked out and took a nice long, hot shower.  Amen.

Ajoshis Can Suck My Balls

That thing where someone just straight up lies to your face.

Yeah, assholes live in every country but I swear South Korea has more than its fair share of grown men who simply won’t. tell. the. truth. ever.

And yes, this is about my building manager again.  I got my boss involved (much against his will) and we just threw down in the hallway again.

For some reason, he keeps turning off my air conditioner.  (The system, like the heat, is centrally controlled from his office.)

Maybe he didn’t turn it off (again), but somebody who works for him did.

When I called him on his bullshit he stammered and sputtered — “The system is not working!”

If by “system” you mean “your fucking brain” then yeah, he has a point.

Then he admitted that maybe someone turned it off.  Again.  (This happens on an almost weekly basis.)

Gee, ya think?  I mean, it’s not like your job title is “GODDAMN FUCKING BUILDING — WAIT FOR IT! — MAAAAAAAAAAAAAANAAAAAAAAGEEEEER!”

The crazy thing is this guys makes more money than I do for using a computer for five minutes a day then hopping out for a two-hour lunch.

But he can’t even manage that.  (Did I mention this building is less than ten years old?)

Every week something goes wrong.  AC in the summer.  Heat in the winter.  Goddamn hot water issues at all times of the year.  And these aren’t pipes bursting or units fizzling out, this is a human being in his office turning things off from the office computer.

As mentioned before, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll get the fuck outta Dodge in February 2015.  This country is just slowly grinding me down.  Granted, it”s been a pretty good run for the most part but I just can’t go on somewhere where it’s socially acceptable — even encouraged — to just straight up lie in order to save face.

Because you ain’t saving shit, bro, you’re just confirming to everyone in a ten kilometer radius that you are a fuckwitted buffoon.

And when the times comes I’ll be happy to tell you the name of my college, because Jesus fuck you do not want to work here.

The shame of it is, the job itself is amazing — I truly enjoy it.  But it’s no longer amazing enough to distract me from the fact that I live at the whims of a true sociopath.

And my two foreign co-workers feel exactly the same way.

Good luck hiring new ones, boss-man.

/end rant

Always amazed when people praise the capabilities of the Israeli military.

Dude, give me three billion US dollars a year for decades and I could also put together a pretty good army.